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80/20 Digital Media Internet Marketing Services

A La Carte or Customized packages... we deliver just what you need to grow your business. 

We have a complete range of services to:

 build traffic, convert visitors to leads/prospects/customers, and transform customers into loyal fans of your business


Marketing Strategy Analysis and Plan Development - You wouldn't take a cross country trip without a road map... would you? Successful marketing begins with good analysis of what you're already doing and planning a strategy to improve your results. It is the road map that leads your business to your desired destination. 


Services that Generate Traffic - More traffic creates more opportunities for your business. 

  • Online Presence Analyzer - Get A Free Online Presence Analysis
  • Google MY Business Profile Set Up and Optimization - Get Your "Local Rank" at Our Cincinnati SEO Team Page
  • Logo Animation - Check out an animated video at the bottom of this page
  • Website Design and Build - Learn More 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Call for more information
  • Google Adwords - Call for more information
  • Facebook Advertising - Call for more information
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing - Call for more information
  • Digital Display Ads - Call for more information
  • Tested and Proven Digital Ad Creation - Go HERE and get your first Ad Designed for Free!
  • Social Media Marketing - Call for more information 

Services That Convert Visitors to Leads/Prospects/Customers - Traffic is good.. but if they don't convert to leads/prospects/customers your traffic dollars are wasted. Remember this simple fact... Reputation = Trust = More Customers. 

  • Local Trust Bubble - Check out the bottom left corner of our home page to See Trust Bubble in action 
  • Display Your Reviews on your website
  • Reputation Marketing 
  • Get More Reviews
  • Monitor All Your Reviews
  • Market Your Reviews to Get More Customers
  • Reputation Videos - See a "Reputation Video" in action on our home page, start the video with the green background at top of the page
  • Check out the "You as the Expert " video at the bottom of this page 
  • The services above are just a taste, once you're a client we'll share our proprietary "Trust Building" secrets with you.

Transform Customers into Loyal Fans

  • Turn Key Text Marketing Programs - Experience text marketing by clicking on "take a free test drive" on the bottom right corner of our home page 
  • Mobile Apps
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Birthday Clubs
  • Digital Coupon Programs
  • Facebook  Affinity Groups
  • Digital Newsletters
  • Contests
  • VIP Specials

Animated Logo Example 


"You as the Expert" Video

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